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Atticus Events and HI Design is acquired by DMG Events MEA Ltd

Yes, you did read that correctly! 1st December 2017

Atticus Events and HI Design is acquired by DMG Events MEA Ltd

Yes, you did read that correctly!  On Friday last week, we completed the sale of our business to Dubai based DMG Events MEA.

Who are DMG Events MEA Ltd?

Many of you will be familiar with their shows, if not their name. They are a division of DMG Events International, who are themselves a subsidiary of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc, based in London.  DMG have several exhibitions and conferences in various sectors, including a Design and Hospitality portfolio, headed up by Andy Stuart.  This portfolio includes leading shows such as The Hotel Show, Index, ADIPEC and The Big 5 series of exhibitions.

DMG are keen to expand their family of events in this sector, and believe that the HI Design set of forums perfectly compliment their current portfolio.

Any particular reason for the timing?

Not really.  DMG approached us with a proposal that matched our idea of what a potential deal could look like, and negotiations took a few months to conclude.

However, this year’s launch of HI Design MEA was significant, in that it demonstrated that the HI Design concept could be successfully deployed in a third region of the world, and fronted by people other than James and Jonathan, namely Sofi and Guy.

This successful launch made it clear that, provided the right framework is put in place, the formula for a successful event will work, regardless of who leads it (sorry Sofi and Guy, but you know what we mean!)

Can HI Design possibly survive??

Yes, of course! HI Design is first and foremost a proven successful formula.  It has grown and developed in three regions of the world throughout some turbulent economic times. (HI Design Asia was launched in 2009 as the world descended into financial chaos)

We have seen the events almost take on a momentum of their own in recent years, with both Europe and now Asia being fully subscribed earlier and earlier.  MEA is set for a great second outing in March.

HI Design works, in our view, partly because we think we do a pretty good job at organising it, but mostly because it is an event which the industry genuinely needs, wants and enjoys.  It is particularly well suited to this wonderful industry we serve – the hospitality interior design industry – with its hard working and creative community, who understand that it is still impossible, despite all of the modern communications available, to replace the importance of meeting the right people face to face, in a great environment.

So, what happens now?

It’s business as usual. James and Jonathan will continue to work with the rest of the team on the 2018 events and will participate in HI Design MEA in Bahrain (4-6 March) as normal.  They will continue to work another seven weeks or so until the end of April, before handing over the reins fully to others.

And who are the others?

In February, a new name will be joining DMG to head up the HI Design portfolio.  The name will be familiar to many of you, as that person has been working within the hospitality design industry for a number of years and is very excited at the prospect of being able to work with the HI Design community and the rest of the Atticus team. We will be able to reveal their identity soon.

And the rest of the team?

Whilst Jonathan and James are sailing off in to the sunset, the excellent news is that everyone else stays put!  Sofi Khan, who has been working with us for nearly fourteen years, and Charlie Gilmour, who has established himself as an Operations Manager par excellence over the last two years, will continue in their existing roles with their new employers.

Our long serving, experienced support team will also continue doing what they are all excellent at.  Guy Dittrich will drive the seminar programmes, Barbara Parodi will add support to the operations, Richard Pereira will still take photos, Mike McCaffrey will carry on Copywriting, SEO and Marketing, Luke Jefford will design directories (and Christmas cards!) and Vicki Ball our websites.

Tell us it’s not because you don’t love us any more…..

We do still love you – very much indeed, actually! We (James and Jonathan) have had a blast working with a whole bunch of great people, dragging you to various locations across the globe and proving that effective business can also be really good fun.  We will, it goes without saying, miss you a lot. But all good things, as they say….

Thank you so very much for all of your support over the last twelve years or so.  It is appreciated more than we can probably express in words.

We wish all of you continued success and happiness, and we hope very much that you will continue to attend HI Design for many years to come.

Work hard and have fun!

Jonathan and James

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