Here's Video footage from the 2015 HI Design EMEA in Croatia. HI Design MEA footage will be added when we have it!

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HI Design Event Overview 2015

2 mins 56 secs

This video will show you what HI Design is all about.

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HI Design Meetings 2015

1 mins 04 secs

The one-to-one Meetings are a core part of the unique HI Design format. Watch this to find out more.

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HI Design Supplier Showcase 2015

1 mins 39 secs

The Supplier Showcase brings a 'mini exhibition' element so buyers can touch and feel products. Take a look.

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HI Design Seminars 2015

1 mins 45 secs

The Seminar Programme at HI Design will inform, inspire, provoke and often entertain. Watch this to learn more.

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HI Design Networking 2015

1 mins 28 secs

The abundant networking at HI Design means you can get to know the decision makers properly.