GCA Arquitectos Asociados



GCA Arquitectos Asociados was founded in 1986 by Josep Juanpere & Antonio Puig. GCA projects architecture, urbanism and interior design with a multidisciplinary group of professionals. Josep Juanpere has been instrumental in the design of some of the most important projects in Barcelona.


What was it about HI Design EMEA that made you decide to attend?

I didn’t know much about HI Design before I attended, but it was the list of both Interior Designers and Suppliers attending that convinced me to be here.


Tell me about any good meetings that you have had, and particular encounters in meetings or outside of them?

The meetings have been very interesting, and relevant to particular projects we currently have. I have been able to meet the principals of the supplier companies not a junior sales person, which has allowed me to get the answers I need.


What have you been able to achieve at HI Design EMEA? How has this been helpful to you?

HI Design has allowed me a comfortable way to conduct business, in a professional and focused manner. Very well organised great concept to meet with Buyers & Suppliers.


How is HI Design EMEA different to other events? What sets it apart from the traditional exhibition?

HI Design is more focused than an exhibition. It is easier to speak with the correct suppliers and find out about their product. The meetings allow you to clarify straight away if any good contacts can be made for the future.


Will you return to HI Design EMEA? Why?



If a contemporary who was wondering about attending HI Design EMEA asked you about it what would you say?

I would recommend HI Design to all professionals. It is a great way to find out what is new in the market and be brought up to date.