Movenpick Hotels & Resorts Management AG



Movenpick Hotels & Resorts Management Management AG is an International hotel chain with Swiss roots and gastronomic expertise. Mövenpick has positioned itself in the upscale/mid-luxury market. Regina Buchter is the Director of Interior Design/Project Management and is responsible for all renovations and new builds in Europe, Middle East & Africa.


What was it about HI Design EMEA that made you decide to attend?

It was not possible for me to invest 2 days last year due to various openings. Normally suppliers would come to me but again it is not always possible to meet them. I saw the list of attendees this year and decided to attend as it is a chance for me to meet people face to face.


Tell me about any good meetings that you have had, and particular encounters in meetings or outside of them?

All of my meeting were good, especially the ones I didn’t necessarily priorities – It was a nice surprise.


What have you been able to achieve at HI Design EMEA? How has this been helpful to you?

I have met a lot of people and gained new ideas of products out there, some products that I was not aware of and not seen before. HI Design is hectic but not in a stressful way. The atmosphere is great.


How is HI Design EMEA different to other events? What sets it apart from the traditional exhibition?

HI Design is more concentrated than an exhibition, meetings are better prepared for as you know whom you are meeting in advance. The selection process helps make the right match of buyer & supplier, all well planned.


Will you return to HI Design EMEA? Why?

Yes I would return to HI Design


If a contemporary who was wondering about attending HI Design EMEA asked you about it what would you say?

I would recommend HI Design. It was worth my time.